Leveraging AI

02 | Unlock Your team's Potential: Top AI Tools to Skyrocket Your Efficiency & Business Growth revealed by Adi Vaxman, CEO of Sheba Consulting, and sought-after fractional COO

April 03, 2023 Isar Meitis, Adi Vaxman Season 1 Episode 2
Leveraging AI
02 | Unlock Your team's Potential: Top AI Tools to Skyrocket Your Efficiency & Business Growth revealed by Adi Vaxman, CEO of Sheba Consulting, and sought-after fractional COO
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AI tools are incredible efficiency multipliers, and they can dramatically impact business results with minimal investment, BUT there are thousands of AI tools and choosing the right ones is not an easy task.

Hence, you need someone to show you some amazing low hanging fruits you can implement today to immediately gain efficiency benefits.

in this episode, we interview Adi Vaxman the CEO of Sheba Consulting and she shares some amazing tools and use-cases she has successfully implemented in her company and in multiple client organizations.

Tools we covered:
💥 ChatGPT
💥 Bard
💥 Bing
💥 Summarize
💥 Numerous.ai
💥 Synthesia / D-ID / Movio
💥 Engage.ai
💥 Fathom.ai
💥 Koala Writer (koala.sh)

Adi Vaxman is an expert in implementing systems that drive growth in organizations, and recently many of these have been AI systems. Everything she shares in this episode is tested in several companies and proven to provide results.

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For ChatGPT, I use several chrome extensions that I use extensively, which I highly recommend. Hello and welcome to Leveraging AI, the podcast that shares practical, ethical ways to leverage AI to improve efficiency, grow your business, and advance your career. This is Isar Meitis, your host, and get ready for an incredible ride. My guest today, Adi Vaxman, is a CEO and a founder of Sheba Consulting, but she's also a tech geek that has been using a multitude of AI tools and helping clients implement them in their businesses. And what we're gonna do is a very quick review of some of the best tools that she's using literally on daily basis right now, which is gonna be an amazing, practical journey for each and every one of you wants to start using these amazing tools. Adi, welcome to Leveraging AI. Hey Isar, thank you for having me. I love this topic. I know. So let's dive right in. Adi, which tools are you using right now on regular basis that are helping you and your clients be more efficient in what you do? All right, perfect. So the number one culprit obviously is gonna be ChatGPT. if anybody hasn't used ChatGPT yet, you better start. So I'm using combination of ChatGPT, Bing, and Bard for all different reasons. They do very similar things. They do them in different ways and they have different limitations. I use them separately for different reasons depends on what I need. For ChatGPT, I use several chrome extensions that I use extensively, which I highly recommend. The first one is called Summarize. It's a chrome extension that summarizes whatever page that you're on. Does it really well. Another one is called ShareGPT, also chrome extension. That helps you share the entire conversation that you have with ChatGPT with your team or publicly, so you can share code that's written or anything else that ChatGPT wrote to you and your prompts, which is great. Another tool that we're using is called Numerous ai. It's a ChatGPT extension that is integrating with Google Spreadsheets and it allows you to do spreadsheet automations and really crazy things like create complete different messaging for different people that are on a spreadsheet, depending on the category that they're in. Or do formulas without knowing how to do formulas, analyze spreadsheet, things like that Really cool. One more tool that we're using with our clients and also for ourselves is a tool called Synthesia. There are two similar tools called Movio and D-ID. They're video creation tools with AI avatars and AI voices. We can create explainer videos, internal training, employee onboarding, how to feature videos, social media engagement videos. You can check them out on our website as well. I have one that I created from my website. It's pretty cool. Doesn't look entirely like humans, but really almost there. And it's very cool. By the way, one thing to that, at least on the idea, I assume on the others as well, that's the one I'm using. You can upload your face or anybody's face and animate that with the text that you upload to the website. So it doesn't have to be a generic avatar. And there's benefits obviously, because they can be from any sex anywhere in the world. Any kind of features that you would like with a hat, without a hat, with a beard, without a, like whatever features. So you can personalize the person to the message to the audience, but you can use yourself or somebody from your company as well. Yes, you can do that with Synthesia as well. You can create your own avatar. So those are very cool. Another tool that we started using recently is called Engage ai. It's a Chrome extension that helps you engage on social media. It helps you create comments that are context based, and it helps you create messaging depending on the messages that you're responding to. So it's really helpful for people like me that don't like fluff and don't know how to do fluff. One of my absolute favorite these days is a program called Fathom ai. It's a zoom plugin that records transcribes and summarize your conversations. You can highlight things in your conversation. It also has a CRM Plugin that allows you to transfer everything directly to a CRM. Really, really helpful. I know, Isar you have some other things to say about it. No, I like fathom. I think the fact that it links back to segments of the video, so you get a great summary. You can create your own bookmarks and you can see the actual context of where it came from is extremely powerful and it's free. Yeah, I don't take notes anymore. Fathom does all of my summaries of all of my conversations and it does a really great job. Really, really great tool. Of course, like everybody else, we use the whole stack of image generation and some image manipulation tools, including Midjourney five. Dall-E, Bing, who is, that is based on Dall-E and Shutterstock. That's also based on Dall-E to create imagery. Our own stock images for blog posts, for social media, for just engagement in general. It's pretty cool. I think the last tool I wanna talk about is a tool that one of my clients is using, it's called Koala Writer koala.sh. We have a client that's a major web publisher, uses this tool for their entire content development process on their many, many content websites. Koala is a prompt generation tool that's based on ChatGPT including ChatGPT-4, which is the most advanced language model out there.. And it does a really good job in pinpointing long form blog content, different types of content, by engineering the prompts for you. So really helpful tool. Wow. Adi, this was amazing. Thank you so much. We've recorded a much longer episode, deep diving, each and every one of those, and a bunch of others, including some really amazing use cases, both internally and for your clients. So if you wanna check that out, that will come out shortly after this one. Adi, thank you so much for sharing with us. Awesome. Thanks a lot. It was great talking about this topic.

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Oh my God. This was totally like drinking from a fire hose. I know Adi was amazing and she shared all these tools and if you're doing this while driving or walking your dog, I know you want to go back home and open these under your browsers and start playing with them, and you should, but don't go anywhere because our next guest is Karl Yeh. Karl is a brilliant young person that is really, really good with AI and he's gonna share something very, very different, but extremely powerful, which is how to take all these tools and integrate them into a company, how to introduce them into a business from a grassroots perspective. What are the steps that he's taking to bring AI into his company through the ranks and all the way up to company-wide programs implemented by the C-suite. And in addition, there's an amazing surprise guest coming up. So don't go anywhere.